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Life Connection - Adventure Bible Stories
About the Life Connection Club

The Life Connection Kids

Welcome to Life Connection! The adventure Bible stories are for young people of all ages. These episodes will help you understand who God is and how you can relate to Him. You can come to know God as Father and discover the oneness all believers have with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Life Connection Club consists of 31 Bible correspondence course lessons in The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me! Each story has a "Response" section to complete, which "tests" your understanding of each story. Check your answers and then move on to the next episode. A free Bible storybook will be sent to you upon completion of all 31 lessons.

In The Amazing Adventure, Discovering the New Me! you will find chronological Bible episodes that will grab your attention as you learn the true identity of these historical figures. Starting with the book of Genesis, you will come to understand who you are and how you fit into God's plan.

The TV video introductions are presented by the radio show cast members. Each 90-second video will introduce you to an adventure Bible story. The young people will tell you what to expect when you do the lessons and listen to the radio show. You'll also get a taste of the music in the underscore, so listen closely.

Our radio show can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. See if you can discover the "Bible Treasure" with the team as you listen in. This is an opportunity to learn something about each of the Bible characters and their role in Scripture. Some of the escapades of Julie, Jesse, and Nate may surprise you.

The music consists of 21 Bible story songs. The songs are part of the radio show as well. Listen and see what hope is offered to you through this music. You may be amazed at what God does in your life.

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